3 Google Ad Examples for E-Commerce and Why they Work

3 Google Ad Examples for E-Commerce and Why they Work

Marketers today compete in a dog-eat-dog landscape as businesses of every scale and industry strive to establish a competitive foothold in the world wide web. In this internet-driven marketplace, building your visibility is critical in creating a solid client base and generating conversions.

One of the most effective marketing channels that can generate leads for businesses of all shapes and sizes is Google Ads, which can contribute as much as 18 percent of revenue for e-commerce stores according to recent studies. However, this form of paid advertising isn’t a silver bullet in all marketing challenges.

There are strategies that can make or mar the medium’s effectiveness, so we’re here to explore game-changing qualities that create a winning Google Ads strategy.

1. Shopping Ads

Shopping ads are one of the most powerful tools for e-commerce businesses as it widens your reach in search results in an eye-catching way.

For one, it highlights your online store’s product images, titles, pricing, and even product ratings, all of which are relevant information that can aid the buyer’s journey.

Running shopping ads can be an immediate booster since it taps high-intent shoppers, which means you’ll be promoting your ads to people who want to purchase quickly. It’s the right choice for boosting your ad’s conversion rate.

2. Search Ads

This is the most basic type of Google Ad, but it’s one of the most critical since it showcases your campaign to a wider range of audiences. Optimizing your search ads by including relevant keywords and long-tail phrases in your product descriptions can put you on top of search results.

The higher your brand’s ranking, the more people will see your products compared to your competitors since search ads, which means running search ads using Google Ads can drive more traffic to your website.

3. Lead Ads

Google recently announced new updates to their lead form extensions which means you can use webhooks to easily send leads into your CRM or autoresponder from your Google Ads. This makes it easy to follow up with your leads using email marketing.

Lead ads are essential to any online brand that wants to run promotions and build up an email list before making an offer.

Showcase Discounts, Sales, and Special Offers

You can also grab people’s attention by displaying your sales, discounts, and seasonal offers with your Google ads. This can be an excellent opportunity to establish a sense of urgency, which can motivate potential customers to click your ad and reap your special discount.

It also makes your ad significantly more informative, which can increase its competitive position in search results and build more awareness for your ad, which can increase your click-through rate.

The Bottom Line: The Pillars of a Results-Driven Google Ads Strategy for E-Commerce Businesses

Optimizing your Google Ads is critical to make the most of its potential. Instead of waiting for potential customers to discover your e-commerce brand, using a proactive digital marketing strategy to get you in front of leads can bolster your growth and ensure your campaigns run in front of relevant audiences. 

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