5 Content Types To Promote Your Startup

5 Content Types To Promote Your Startup

Growing a startup is all about building a long-term, profitable relationship with your target market. To do that, you'll need to consistently communicate with your audience and deliver value.

With a library of content types, you'll be able to start thinking in terms of formulas. This gives you a consistent, proven way to scale your messaging across formats.

You can also easily test the components of a formula to improve the performance of your messaging.

Not to mention, you'll be able to brand your messaging by introducing enhancements to your formulas (Ex. using brand power words).

You'll always be adding new content types, but here are some to get started promoting your startup.

#1 - Share an inspiring case study

Sharing a case study is a great way to show social proof and provide evidence that you've helped your clients achieve real results and you are a trustworthy brand with a product that works.


Subject: Here’s how one customer is using [ product or service ] to [ result or goal of using your product ].

I’d like to introduce you to [client].

[client] is [occupation or relevant info like age].

[He/she is] trying to [goal]. To do that, [he/she] decided to join our [product/service] and the results have been amazing.

So far, [name] has seen: [explain any positive results].

Ultimately, [he/she] hopes [or they hope] to [insert a bigger goal they hope to accomplish]. To achieve this, [insert your case study subject’s name] will continue using [insert your product/service].

Here’s what other people are saying about[insert your product/service]: [Insert any quotes you have from people praising your business].

Want to try[insert your product/service] for yourself? Click here: [insert a link to your website here]!

If you have any questions, I’m here to help. Contact me today![insert your contact information]

#2 - Do a thought experiment

People love to contribute to thought experiments where they can be seen as the expert. In the startup ecosystem, everyone has frameworks they want to share. 

By promoting a thought experiment, you'll boost engagement and peak the interest of prospects in your market.


Subject: 🤔 Thought experiment: 🤔

Let's say[thing that just happened]

You can't [thing you can't do]

You must [thing you must do]

What would you do [with the thing that just happened] ?

#3 - Ask about their frustrations

One of the best ways to improve your content strategy is by understanding the challenges of your audience. 

You'll want to introduce short surveys into your marketing messages every now and then to check in on where your prospects are and what their frustrations are.


Subject: quick question

What frustrates you most about [topic] ?

Is there something you're having some trouble with right now?

#4 - Offer a free consultation

Your prospects are trying to solve their problems today.

Not tomorrow. Not next week. Not next year...

Offering a free consultation is a great way to start helping your prospects solve their problems and engaging in a conversation. This is an offer you can make to prospects who already know you and trust you, but haven't yet purchased from you. They know you could solve their problem, but they just haven't taken the first step. 

Offer the consult and give them some incentive to get started.


Subject: Need extra help? Book a 1-on-1 Consultation…

👋 [name] here from [brand].

I’d like to personally invite you to join a free 1-on-1 consultation call to explore how you can [solve problem] and [get more benefits].

It always helps to have a professional look at [common blocker]. We can discuss any of your questions about [blocker] and you’ll be able to start making improvements right away.

👉 Book a time here.

I look forward to speaking with you soon.

#5 - Promote your product's key benefits

Promoting your startup should be less about the tech and more about the benefits the product brings to customers.

Instead of writing a novel, just promote 3 of the top key benefits to see if they strike a chord with your subscribers.

If you're solving important pain points for your users, they'll want to learn more about your product. By focusing on leading with benefits, your messaging goes from "let's talk about our product" to "let's talk about helping our customer".


Subject: [name], here’s what [insert your product/service] can do for you.

Hey [name],

Have you ever tried [product/service] yet?

Here are 3 ways you can benefit from using the [app/tool/feature].

  • [Insert benefit #1]
  • [Insert benefit #2]
  • [Insert benefit #3]

Want to learn more about how [product/service] can help your startup with [problem]?

Check out the [trial/demo/app] here: [website title and link].

What's next?

Over time your content library should grow. 

Similar to your startup, you'll want to add new content types to your library and adapt them to fit your brand.

Your messaging should align with your brand's core values and big promise that it makes to customers. You can include your brand's power words to make your messaging sound more "branded".

Once you've built up a library of content types, you'll be able to quickly create marketing assets that communicates a consistent voice and tone to your audience.